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sugar will not be my undoing

I just finished updating my MFP food journal for today, and damn, I was seriously into sugar. Considering that I’m clearly addicted to sweets, I’m not surprised that my body¬†wanted nothing but sugar today. I did quite well yesterday, and was way, way under, so I suppose that my subconscious self was like, “I need […]

So long, 2014.

I’m not one to indulge in year-end recaps, especially when I don’t have access to critical photos to help me tell the story, but in the face of not doing one at all, I’m making an exception. Next year, I’ll remember to bring a laptop on vacation. You can’t do a proper year-end recap on […]

breakfast smoothie.

I know that I am way overdue for a post, and this recipe doesn’t count, but I did want to share something that I’ve spent some time perfecting and enjoying. It’s my go-to smoothie. I make a lot of smoothies because I am so not a breakfast person, and this one is probably my favorite. […]

christmas socks.

That’s not a play on words. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, if not my absolute favorite, and I have the socks to prove it. No, really. I have a ratty old pair of Santa socks that I wash a million times every December just so I can wear them repeatedly. Check it: ¬† […]

a new beginning. sort of.

Why, hello there! It’s been awhile since we last spoke, but here I am! Apologies for the radio silence, but I’ve been working on many exciting things in the past few weeks, and am only now in a position to share. Also, I don’t believe in blogging when you don’t really have much to talk […]

daily motivation – 5.12.13

I started an application back in February. My goal is to finish the process by August. I have to constantly remind myself that I want to do this, and that I can’t get so settled in life in U.S. that I simply forget about it. I don’t want to be one of those people who […]

daily motivation – 5.11.13

I think I post these more for myself than anyone who stumbles across my blog.