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stuff and things of that nature.

Hi there!     I know we’ve spent more time on Instagram and Twitter than anything else for the past year, and I hardly ever checked in on my blog. In fact, connecting with me on my social accounts is how quite a few of you found my little blog in the first place. If you were with me […]

signs of life.

I haven’t forgotten about my blog. No, really, I haven’t. I’m constantly thinking of all of the misadventures and frustrations that I would love to share, but somehow always forget about it, or just get busy with the ebbs and flows that are my life. One would think that would motivate me to log on […]

girl, where you been?

Hi there. You might remember me. Elizabeth? I’m the girl who occasionally shares little snippets from my life on this blog from time to time. That’s right. Let the memories wash over you as I fill you in on my latest (mis) adventures. 1. I no longer live in Dallas, a.k.a Home Sweet Hell. Okay, […]