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sugar will not be my undoing

I just finished updating my MFP food journal for today, and damn, I was seriously into sugar. Considering that I’m clearly addicted to sweets, I’m not surprised that my body wanted nothing but sugar today. I did quite well yesterday, and was way, way under, so I suppose that my subconscious self was like, “I need […]

stuff and things of that nature.

Hi there!     I know we’ve spent more time on Instagram and Twitter than anything else for the past year, and I hardly ever checked in on my blog. In fact, connecting with me on my social accounts is how quite a few of you found my little blog in the first place. If you were with me […]

So long, 2014.

I’m not one to indulge in year-end recaps, especially when I don’t have access to critical photos to help me tell the story, but in the face of not doing one at all, I’m making an exception. Next year, I’ll remember to bring a laptop on vacation. You can’t do a proper year-end recap on […]

signs of life.

I haven’t forgotten about my blog. No, really, I haven’t. I’m constantly thinking of all of the misadventures and frustrations that I would love to share, but somehow always forget about it, or just get busy with the ebbs and flows that are my life. One would think that would motivate me to log on […]

W.E.T. (White Entertainment Television)

I don’t watch much TV. I don’t have the patience for it, really. I have a handful of favorites (Scandal is everything, and don’t you dare judge me), but for the most part, I’m a book and movie kind of girl. I checked out on most programming when it became apparent that networks were never […]

breakfast smoothie.

I know that I am way overdue for a post, and this recipe doesn’t count, but I did want to share something that I’ve spent some time perfecting and enjoying. It’s my go-to smoothie. I make a lot of smoothies because I am so not a breakfast person, and this one is probably my favorite. […]

christmas socks.

That’s not a play on words. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, if not my absolute favorite, and I have the socks to prove it. No, really. I have a ratty old pair of Santa socks that I wash a million times every December just so I can wear them repeatedly. Check it:   […]