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I know we’ve spent more time on Instagram and Twitter than anything else for the past year, and I hardly ever checked in on my blog. In fact, connecting with me on my social accounts is how quite a few of you found my little blog in the first place. If you were with me during the Wanderlust years, then you know that it is incredibly odd for me to go radio silent for long stretches. I love writing  and meeting new people online, but I cannot express just how busy I was in 2015.  I often found myself scheduling nights for hanging out with friends in my planner. Otherwise, they never would have seen me. I never imagined that I would actually have to schedule a night out, or at least, not before going to law school and becoming a lawyer (working on this in 2016!), but I somehow managed it.

After completing my year of service with AmeriCorps (second term, and it was NOT easy), I got hired at the non-profit that hosted me, and down the rabbit hole I went. Grant writing. Program management and evaluation. Fundraising. Event planning. More grant writing. Wash, rinse, and repeat. The only small pleasure I allowed myself on a consistent basis was going to the gym. I toned up and lost fifty pounds, and would have lost more had I 1) taken on multiple projects at once and 2) not sprained my ankle (at the gym, of course!).

It wasn’t until recently that I actually had time do the things I enjoy. Actually, being more forgiving toward myself and allowing myself some freedom to do this was/is one of my intentions for 2016, and since I consciously make room in my life for fun things and being spontaneous, I think I’m well on my way to striking a balance in my life. Mission (almost) accomplished.

Another intention, ironically, is to blog more. I keep shelling out for this domain year after year, and for one reason or another, don’t use it in the way I would like. I decided that 2016 would be the year to change that. Blogging, for those of you who don’t do it, is an awesome form of expression, and part of the reason last year was so insane for me is because I did not have a tangible way to express my thoughts, feelings, opinions, gripes, and everything in between. I’ve missed my little corner of the Internet, and it’s clearly missed me.

I purchased a new domain in November, after deciding that it was time for me to grow up and move on to a more sophisticated, less contradictory blog name, but now, I’m not so sure. I Don’t Wear Skinny Jeans moniker represents a time in my life when I felt like so much of an outcast that I just had to defy societal norms (e.g. not wearing skinny jeans) and let the world know ALL about it in order to feel remotely normal/human. Truth be told, I still feel like an outcast, and probably always will, but I discovered shortly after starting the blog that I kind of like skinny jeans (and leggings as pants!!!) and look absolutely fabulous in them. Go figure. The girl who hates trends ends up being as en vogue as everyone else. Stop the presses.

I’ll probably end up keeping both sites, one for professional endeavors, and this one for general nonsense and the kind of content I like to see on other people’s blogs. One for work, one for shenanigans. Perfect.



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