So long, 2014.

I’m not one to indulge in year-end recaps, especially when I don’t have access to critical photos to help me tell the story, but in the face of not doing one at all, I’m making an exception.

Next year, I’ll remember to bring a laptop on vacation. You can’t do a proper year-end recap on an iPhone, but I digress.

I think 2014 was one of my best years. I probably wouldn’t have said this six months ago, but having come out on the other side of some truly shitty situations in one piece, I’m going to play the grateful card and say that I’m better for having experienced them.

There were a lot of positives, too, such as my float trip to New Braunfels. I came back looking look Him from the Powerpuff Girls, albeit not nearly as fabulous. However, I had loads of fun, which had been missing from my life up until that point, so that makes the two weeks of pain, itching, and peeling worth it.

I also entered a new decade. So far, being thirty feels no different.

I have champagne waiting, so I’ll wrap this up and say that 2014 was a hell of a year. See you in 2015.


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