signs of life.

I haven’t forgotten about my blog. No, really, I haven’t. I’m constantly thinking of all of the misadventures and frustrations that I would love to share, but somehow always forget about it, or just get busy with the ebbs and flows that are my life. One would think that would motivate me to log on and share even more, but I am a busy girl, even on the weekends. If I get a spare minute, I’m usually stuffing my mouth with chocolate. Or thinking about chocolate. I’m not very complex these days. Even though I’m an adult, I’d probably get lured into some creepy dude’s van if he offered me some 65% cocoa. Oy. Or rather, YUM.

It’s also really hard for me to open up online. In my younger years, it was ridiculously easy for me to overshare, but now that I’ve reached the ripe old age of 30 (about two weeks ago), I’ve become surprisingly circumspect about the things I want others to know about me. Go figure.

Anyway, I just wanted to let the three people who read my blog know that I’m still here, and hope to continue posting fresh, interesting content. I’m thinking of turning this thing into a fitness/food/travel/lifestyle site that doesn’t follow current trends, but rather reflects who I am and what I’m about. The last thing I want to do is join a proliferation of Martha Stew-who am I kidding? People think Preserve and G.O.O.P are good models for blogging, and copy them so much that you can’t tell tell them apart.  While that is nice (to some degree), it’s not my style, and it’s not what I want for I Don’t Wear Skinny Jeans. I’m going to focus on being myself. All I can do is be myself, and hope that is enough for me. And that, dear reader, is what we should all aspire to do.


You should know that I’m a little drunk, so if I sound even slightly smarmy, that’s the reason.



– E


P.S. Drinking André past the age of 25 is inexcusable. I don’t care how poor you are. This stuff tastes like rotten grapes blended with flat Sprite. Just stay sober and save your money for something good.


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