christmas socks.

That’s not a play on words. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, if not my absolute favorite, and I have the socks to prove it. No, really. I have a ratty old pair of Santa socks that I wash a million times every December just so I can wear them repeatedly. Check it:


I admit that it’s a somewhat ridiculous tradition, but it’s not Christmas without them.  Give me these socks, candy canes, Starbucks’ holiday menu, both of Mariah’s Christmas albums, and my grandmother’s Italian creme cake, and I’m one happy camper.

Even without all that, I’m one happy camper. I spent Christmas alone this year, for the first time in eight years. My family isn’t big on Christmas celebrations, outside of exchanging gifts and eating a big meal, but still, having to stay in Austin and work instead of going to Dallas kind of sucked. Working equals money in my wallet, which means my bills get paid, but I still looked like this when I went in on Christmas Eve:



And, I looked like that when I went home. Primarily because I hate the work that I do, but mostly because some jerk stole my phone. On one hand, I had ridden my phone pretty hard in the year I’d had it and it was looking a little rough, but still, it was mine, and I don’t have the money to replace it at the moment. Adding insult to injury is the fact that the tracking app I installed is completely useless if the phone is turned off. Just a little FYI: that’s the rub for most of these apps (that they don’t tell you). The satellite your phone is linked to can’t find it if it’s turned off, and the app you’ve mistakenly placed your trust in can’t help you out if you lose your phone or some asshole takes it from you.

On the positive side of things, they can’t possibly sell it, or if they can/already have, there isn’t much value to be had. First, it’s a BlackBerry (don’t judge me). In the age of Androids, Apple’s phone of the minute, and the Windows phone, BlackBerrys are kind of…irrelevant. Secondly, when I said I rode that thing hard, I rode it hard. The screen is cracked, and suffered some sort of water damage at some point, so there’s a major issue already. I’m usually much more careful about my electronics, but I kind of hated this phone. It also drops calls, erases contacts at random intervals, and freezes up regularly, which is typical for a Blackberry. Yeah, I’m not seeing how they got much for that thing. Lastly, it’s been reported stolen, so T-Mobile has already disabled it. 


Despite this turn of events, my love for Christmas and all its splendor was not dampened. I drank eggnog, baked gingerbread cookies (could not find a gingerbread man cookie cutter ANYWHERE) and twirled around to the sounds of my Christmas playlist (which I do year-round, but we won’t get into that). I made a small dinner of roast chicken, pumpkin pie, broccoli casserole, and mashed sweet potatoes, and promptly fell asleep watching my favorite sitcom Christmas episodes. I even checked out the Christmas tree at the Texas capitol building:





 I think I had a pretty good Christmas, and that’s what matters, right? That’s what I thought. My family is going to come down to visit me in the next few weeks to check out my place and bring me my oh-so-important Christmas gifts, so I’ll get a second Christmas of sorts. 

I’m now looking ahead to 2013.  The job I moved to Austin for is gone. I’ve wanted to come here for years, but wouldn’t do it without a job. I moved here for a job, and it went away. I’m here without a job, which is precisely what I didn’t want. Is that ironic (or just tragic)?I don’t know. I’ll spare you the details, but I can at least say I have a job in retail that’s helping me weather the storm, and I’m looking forward to the positive things I believe 2014 will bring. Chief among them being a job that’s right for me. This year was all about working for the wrong people and getting swept up in office politics and other assorted BS that left me without a chair when the music stopped. I just want a job where I can grow and be an asset at the same time, and I believe that position is coming. I’m being proactive about it, and rather aggressively at that. I’m set to meet with someone at the Urban League about potential opportunities in January. This meeting wouldn’t have happened had I not had the position I came here for, so maybe that’s a saving grace? I learned to ask for what I want rather than wait for it to happen? I don’t know, but I’m looking forward to this meeting, even if it’s just an informational interview and not a job offer. We’ll see how it goes.

I wish I had some parting words of wisdom to share as 2013 rapidly draws to a close, but I’ll just stick with wishing you all a happy new year, and I’ll see you in 2014. 






  1. Here’s to a 2014 that’s better that 2013! I’m sure the job of your dreams is out there. Even if you are living in the city you always wanted to without the job, at least you are there. For better or worse, we can be sure 2014 will have some curve balls of its own.

    1. This is way overdue, but thanks for the encouragement! And I did find an awesome job!

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