Monthly Archives: June 2013

open letter to the red light nose-picker.

Dear guy sitting at the red light with your finger so far up your nose that you had to be scratching your brain, I no longer want ice cream. I probably won’t want ice cream for another year, which will undoubtedly help my weight loss efforts tremendously. If you don’t remember me, allow me to […]

pinot & pinterest.

What it do? I think my body is trying to make me pay for whining about Mondays last week, as I have been in bed for hours and have yet to experience a wink of sleep.  So what’s a sleepless girl to do? Pin cute things for her new apartment on Pinterest. And drink pinot […]

pistachio chocolate chunk ice cream + good news

  Ah, Monday.  The red-headed stepchild of the week. Few people actually look forward to it.  It marks the end of an awesome weekend, and the start of a yet another grueling work week.  Monday, which totally rhymes with mundane,  can suck the life out of you, ruin any good feelings you had about your […]